VSWR/ Power Meter 1.8-525MHz

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VSWR/ Power Meter


This instrument is a high frequency SWR & Power Meter, which can be used in fields of measuring amateur wireless communication as well as other measuring occasion with corresponding frequency. It can measure transmitted power, reflected power and SWR etc. when connected between transmitter and antenna.


It is convenience for observing the peak envelope power (PEP) by using the monitor when the instrument is in SSB operating mode.  


 Technical Specifications 

Frequency Range 

Technical Specifications
Frequency Range  1.8 to 160 MHz 140 MHz - 525 MHz
Power Measurement 
Maximum Power  (2) At FM, CW, FAX, RTTY
1.8 to 100 MHz: 100W 100 to 160 MHz: 70W
140 to 220 MHz: 150W 400 to 525 MHz: 100W
(2) In pulse state: 200W
Accuracy (Full Scale At "5W" step, ±10%
At "20W" step, ±10%
At "200W" step, ±10%
SWR Measurement
Minimum Power  1W 4W
Measuring Range  1.0 to 
Consumption 1.8 to 160 MHz not more than 0.2dB
140 to 525 MHz: not more than 0.3dB
Input / Output Jack 50Ω, 1 GL 1Bz-50F
Furnature Forward power, Reflect power, SWR, PEP monitor
Size 150 mm (L) x 100mm (W) x 65mm (H)
Weight Approximately 720g



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