UHV-6 Multi-Band Mobile Antenna

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HV-6 Multi-Band Mobile Antenna 

The UHV-6 is a mid sized multi-band mobile whip, covering the 6/2/70cm Amateur Radio Bands as well as HF (using supplied/optional coils). 

This antenna has a good ratio of gain to length, standing at 1.22m and 1.93m. The UHV-6 is fitted with a PL259 base socket and a tilt over base so that the used can tilt the antenna 90 degrees to enter low garages or parking. 

The UHV-6 is a great way to access many bands automatically in the car without the need for multiplexers or tuners.  



Frequency: HF-50MHz, 0dBi 144MHz, 2.15dBi 430MHz, 5.5dBi
VSWR: HF-50MHz, < 2:1 144MHz <1.5:1 430MHz < 1.5:1
Max Power: HF 120W 6/2/70 200W (FM or SSB)
Length: 1220-1930mm (Depending on Configuration)
Weight: Net Weight 400g-540g (Depending on Configuration)
Connector: Gold Plated PL-259 Male Base
HF Coils: L3.5 80m Coil (Optional)
  L7 40m Coil (supplied)
  L14 20m Coil (Optional) 
  L18 17m Coil (Optional)
  L21 15m Coil (Supplied)
  L28 10m Coil (Supplied)
  Max 3 coils whilst Mobile or add guy wire. Fits 5 coils.





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