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GP-9N Dual Band 2m/440MHz Base Antenna

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**Cannot be Shipped to a PO Box**

COMET's highest gain dual band fixed station antenna availed, the GP-9N offers the maximum coverage area. With a omni-directional radiation pattern directed to the horizon.

The high Gain of this antenna results in a narrow elevation angle. 


Gain and Wavelength(s): 

2M: 8.5dBi 5/8 wave x 3

44MHz: 11.9dBi 5/8 wave x 6

VSWR: 1.5-1 or less

Max Power: 200 watts SSB/100W FM

Length: 5.10m

Weight: 2.58kg

Mounting to mast size: 31.75-63.5mm

Connector: Female N Type

Max Wind Survival: 148.06KPH 

Construction: Heavy Duty Fiberglass, 3 Sections