CAA-500 Mark II Standing Wave Analyser

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CAA-500 Mark II

Standing Wave Analyser

1.8 - 500MHz

SWR & Impedance simultaneously 



  • Built-in broadband high-stability transmitter for easy measurement of resonant frequency, SWR, and impedance.
  • Colour LCD & Cross-needle meter display provide SWR and impedance information simultaneously. 
  •   Seperate ham band segments can be swept to display the SWR characteristics in the graph automatically. Moreover, it is possible to plot the SWR characteristics manually with user-defined centre frequency and sweep bandwidth.
  • Size AA alkaline (manganese) or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (six required) may be used. Typical battery life is 9 hours of continuous operation when using AA cells.
  • External 8-16V DC power may be used to power the meter; this allows trickle charging of Ni-MH cells.
  • The programmable Auto Power Off function preserves battery capacity in case you forget to turn the meter off. 
  • A hand strap post is provided, for ease of use and to minimise the chance of dropping the CAA-500.


Product Specifications 

Frequency Range 

1.8-500 MHz in 35 range degments
Display Type 1.8 inch TFT colour LCD
RF Output Level 0 dBm (1mW) :HF/VHF, -1dBm(0.8mW): UHF
Measured SWR Range Analog Meter: 1.0-6.0; LCD:1.0-9.9
Impedance Range 12.5-300 Ohms (Analog & LCD)
Resistance Range 10-500 Ohms
Reactance Range 0-500 Ohms (Absolute Value) 1.8-190 MHz
RF Connectors "M" ("UHF/SO239") for HF/VHF, "N-Female" for UHF
Operating Temp. 0℃-40℃ (32℉-104℉)
Power Source 

6 x Alkeline or NiMH Rechargeable Cells

External Power: +8 to +16V DC (Trickle Charge)

Current Consumption 190 mA or less
Charging Time  15 hours at 12 - 14V DC (trickle charge)
Dimensions 8.89(W) x 19.68(H) x 6.73(D) cm (overall)
Weight 964 grams (w/alkaline batteries)
Supplied Accessories External DC Cable (Centre pin +/white wire +)